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Eddie Iverson is an award-winning trainer and support technician with over 20 years of professional experience with Mac computers. He has also worked in a professional capacity with Apple mobile devices since they were first introduced. Eddie began working with Macs more than 25 years ago, and his first experience programming Apple computers dates back to several years before that. He won his first computer programming competition two years later. Even before his extensive training and certification on Apple products, Eddie quickly became the go-to technical person for Mac computers in the various organizations he worked with.

Eddie also brings a wealth of experience in related fields. After graduating from the top college in his field, Eddie began his first major-label work as a music producer. In addition to his graphic design work with major clients like Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, GE and Comcast, Eddie has designed the artwork for several Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated albums. He is also an experienced web designer and video editor. His client list includes several published authors.

Eddie has always strived for excellence in everything he does. A former corporate trainer, he received MCI’s Top Trainer award and also earned a Vision Award for his music production and film scoring work.

Eddie’s goal is to be a trustworthy, reliable and encouraging resource for all of your technical needs. His training philosophy is to always train with patience, kindness and humility. He avoids techno-babble and will never, ever make you feel like any question you ask is “dumb.”

His interests outside of the tech world include travel, photography, healthy food & nutrition, art, cinematography and music.

Eddie currently holds Apple certifications in Mac OS Support, Mac Integration, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and Aperture, along with a Wireless Networking certification from CWNP.

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